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Gold Coins Barrel Betano

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Monday, December 31, Beta No. Puddi Puddi! Let's close out the year with a whimper, I suppose. Bangs are overrated. You all know the script by now. This is Chinese knock-off Growlithe. The ears are all wrong, the hair tufts are made of synthetic polymers, and there's not a trace of the noble soul we all associate with Growlithe. Reminds me of those robotic Poo-chi toys, though somehow Puddi here came first.

Saturday, December 29, Beta No. I see at least 5 things I could interpret as eyeballs. Maybe the colored artwork will make more sense? Dear Lord. Unlike the final Hitmontop, who is just doing a head-stand, this freak has "legs" on his head and an eyeball in his stomach, just spinning on a point while he "kicks" you with his ear-feet.

It's horrible, this isn't martial arts at all, if my Gong evolved into this I would try to reverse time and do it all over again. Let's just forget this madness ever happened, okay? Friday, December 28, Beta No. Tamogotchi lookin dude Tyrogue only really looks like Hitmonchan. But was his beta equivalent any better? Well, he's kinda got boxing gloves, so that's a direct tie to Hitmonchan. But none of the Hitmons have ears like that, and he's not really looking Hitmonlee-ish in any way, so Evolutionary place aside, I dig this little dude.

Much more than Tyrogue, who reminds me of the sort of skinny little kid who will attempt to start conversations about Minecraft with total strangers. But not Gong, Gong would punch strangers in the shins to bring them to their knees, then uppercut them in the jaw. He kicks ass. Tyrogue and Gong both eat Lucky Charms for breakfast, but the different is that Gong doesn't take out the marshmallows and organize them by shape first.

Labels: beta , great. Thursday, December 27, Beta No. But Octillery was just a goddamn tank, that should be kosher, right!? Why did they change this! It kicks mm of ass! It's such a perfect design. The tentacles are curled to resemble wheels, like the Metal Slug tanks. At the same time, they're curled like fried octopus, often served in batter - "Takoyaki".

And when you squish a takoyaki and see a bit of octopus poking out, it looks kinda like Octillery here. So it's more than just an octopus tank, which would be sick enough, there's a second layer of visual pun going on. I love it and will never forgive Gamefreak from denying us this wondrous creation.

Wednesday, December 26, Beta No. It's got a clear revolver barrel, trigger, hammer, and handle! It's a literal triggerfish, it looks like a damn GUN.

I suppose it was changed because the 4kids mentality of the time wouldn't allow the precious American children to see an image of a cartoon gun-fish in their video games. As if they aren't already awash in the violence on the news and in the movies. As if video-games contain the biggest gun-related threats to U.

Well then. Tuesday, December 25, Beta No. Elon Musk's girlfriend Y'all, I am tired. I'm tired of having to pretend I have opinions about literal pieces of shit. Grimey sucks and I hate it.

Tiny puddle of goop, just a wad of chewing gum. Throw it in the trash. I barely even have the energy to point out that Grimey was likely supposed to have a round nose or pacifier instead of an open mouth with one tooth. Merry Christmas, assholes. Monday, December 24, Beta No. While I think every kid kinda wanted to see Slowbro's tail as its own Pokemon, that doesn't change the fact that the lore clearly states that Shellder bites Slowpoke's tail.

So who the heck is this spiky bastard? A mutated Shellder? Or perhaps, the tail-biter slowly works its way up the rest of the Slowbro, consuming it entirely, and all that's left is the Turbann. Dark lore aside, Turbann looks cool. And we don't have any turban-shell Pokemon, anyway. I say retcon the Shellder thing which was weird because Slowpoke evolves by level anyway, even if you're nowhere near water , and introduce Turbann into the games!

And give him his own evolution if you choose to not attach him to Slowpoke's ass, please. Labels: beta , good. Sunday, December 23, Beta No. Can you really call it a "Minicorn" when it has no horn at all? You know the pattern by now - another beta baby, another unwanted child, another "lets take an existing Pokemon and just make it smaller" And for what it is, Minicorn is cute! If you drew a chibi Ponyta, this is what it would look like.

I suppose I wouldn't mind Minicorn existing, so that puts it above a lot of its ilk, but it definitely does not need to exist either. Saturday, December 22, Beta No. This guy just looks too much like Ledyba, it's hardly an evolution. I appreciate that this artwork gives him little gloves in an attempt to beef up the design, but there's only so much you can do.

Maybe if they wanted a mid-stage between Ledyba and Ledian? And carry the star-shaped spots over? There's potential Overall: 3 stars out of Labels: bad , beta. Friday, December 21, Beta No. I still can't believe Tentaquil was real, after all these years of course, the colors are totally wrong, and the name as well.

But I want to believe that a lucky Anon somehow had a prophetic vision of Pokemon that almost existed. I don't dislike this design at all! It looks like a jolly, web-footed friend. And you know, there's a ton of blue frog Pokemon, but hardly any green ones aside from the actual Politoed himself, so I wouldn't mind seeing this design given its own line.

At least beta-Politoed has the eye structures to fit in with the rest of the Poli-line, but it's still a wild deviant. Friday, November 30, Beta No.

Sailor Moon called, she wants her cat back well too bad, she's not getting her! You could say that it doesn't seem like much of an "evolution", or that its eyes are radically different. But I don't care. They perfected the Cat Pokemon way back in , and spent the next 20 years mucking about with poor man's imitations.

We could have been dining on the finest of feline designs, but we were denied. Thursday, November 29, Beta No. I'm legitimately angry that Rinring didn't make it into the final game. In fact, better than any of the subsequent kitties they've developed - though it's not hard to be better than Glameow and Purrugly. It's funny how often kittens are associated with bells in Japan.

Not that nobody puts bells on their cats elsewhere, but how often do you see that as part of the generic Cartoon Cat Ensemble, right?

Meanwhile, Japan brings out the catgirls with bells on. Rinring is hella cute and they need to make it canon! Wednesday, November 28, Beta No. And it's not like Meowth needed a prevolution, but I just like cats and think this design is super cute.

Levitating coins in the air throwing them? And I love its sleepy eyes. Reminds me that I wish Persian was more of a cartoon cat than a realistic one.

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