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Coming into this game, Avaí has picked up 5 points from the last 5 games, both home and away. That's 1 points per game on average. ComeOn. Bonus. ComeOn. % up to €25 for the first deposit. Register Challenger Santo Domingo Dominican Republic; Date - 10/10/; Starting time.

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ComeOn. + %. N1Bet. + Local: Court 9, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Apresentado por matrimonia-mariage.fr Visite matrimonia-mariage.fr The Wizard reviews ComeOn Casino and analyzes the casino's games and bonuses Republic, DC, Delaware, Djibouti, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador. Complete overview of ComeOn. Learn about ComeOn bonuses, slots, free spins, games, payouts, and if It's legit. ComeOn Casino is a great option if you are looking for an online casino in Canada. Enjoy generous bonuses and perks of being in the VIP club. This ComeOn casino review features all the ⭐ details about one of the best Canadian online operators. Find out more about its ☝️ games.

comeon  casino Dominican Republic

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ComeOn Casino Review: Is ComeOn Casino Legit Or A Scam? 🤔

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JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Do not gamble in any Dominican Republic Casino. I was conned and scammed in the Playa Chiquita Casino in Sosua. Since I returned to the U. I've done some investigating and heard stories of other people who were scammed in exactly the same way.

The game I got scammed playing is called progressive roulette. I'm sure they change the name of the game to protect the guilty so, I'll describe it for you.

It's a wooden circular device that eight little white balls are thrown into. There are many holes in the surface with different number values from 1 to 9 I believe that was the correct range that the balls, when thrown, fall into. This scam is very complex, keep reading. The second you walk in the door the local "host" greets you and asks you where you are from.

He says they have a new game that you can play and he hands you a chip so that you can play the first hand for free. When we arrived at the table there was an American "dealer" i. He claimed to have lived in the city I was from and even knew specific names of places in the city. In retrospect, the places he knew were major landmark type places. He even told me some stories in between, distracting me from the scam that was in progress.

There were some strange inconsistencies in the stories he told me I know a lot about the town because I've lived there my entire life and when I innocently questioned him he would change the subject. He did this so nonchalantly that I never caught on until afterwards. Either, he studies up on landmarks from every city in the U. Anyway, the game begins with you winning. This is the crux of the scam. You can't actually walk away from the game with any money however, because it's progressive.

If you reach a certain total number of points you win a decent jackpot. Each hand you risk a small amount and you rapidly approach the number you need to win. What actually happens is he quickly miscounts the total number of your rolls in your favor so that it looks like you are quickly approaching the total you need for the jackpot. This is why you don't question it at first. If you were to start out losing, you would quit before you got in trouble. There are eight balls and the numbers are difficult to see and he calculates quickly and removes the balls.

You are not inclined to question good rolls. Of course, he keeps telling you how lucky you're getting the whole time and you come painfully close to winning when suddenly your luck turns and every time you throw the balls your jackpot doubles and the amount you must risk to throw them one more time also doubles. You might be thinking that only an idiot would keep playing. This scam is extremely honed and the scam artist is a scam genius. I am a very skeptical person I've been called cynical by friends because of my distrust of human nature.

I still can't believe I fell for it. I'm the type of person who is always looking for the ulterior motive profit motive of people trying to make a buck. I would never have dreamed that I would be the victim of a scam like this. If I would have read about someone getting scammed like this I probably would have laughed and said that it was their own stupid fault.

You will read responses to this posting chastising me for being stupid. All of the other postings I read by others who had been scammed the exact same way had someone responding saying that the casinos are honest.

I can only assume these people are connected to these casinos. The biggest reason I fell for this scam is because it occured in a casino. A big resort casino that one automatically assumes is on the "up and up. At least, they claim he's not employed by them. Apparently, he travels from casino to casino in the Dominican, sets up his little table for a time and then moves on to a different casino.

The casino earns a portion of the profits. If the casino allows this then I'm sure the other games are rigged also. There are a lot of posting about how the casinos are legitimate. Again, do not believe them. The "dealer", who began talking as if he were a country bumkin, eventually ends up ordering the managers, other dealers and "security" around.

I ended up in his office, not knowing if they were going to break my legs or kill me. At one point I asked him if they were going to take me out back and break my legs if my debt amount was not approved by Visa. He said in a serious tone, "that only happens in the movies.

You must play with your credit card. This is how you get in over your head because you'd never have access to the amount of money you do with your credit card. Again, you must be asking youself how I was so stupid. It happens so fast that you don't even know how much you owe until it's too late. This scam is incredibly complex and ingenious. In an American casino I would have ripped them a new a-hole on the spot. However, I was in the Dominican Republic and was frightened.

I don't frighten easily. I didn't know what they might do to me. When you start catching on he uses a combination of friendliness and scare tactics by making references to the "security. I went from owing a few hundred to several thousand in no time. I suspect the amounts weren't even calculated accurately. I was with my girlfriend and was too scared to push it any further than I did. I thought Visa would protect me; they didn't.

I have impeccable credit and they still wouldn't because I signed the receipt. The "dealer", of course, talks about how this and that person won a bunch of money on this game just yesterday or last week.

I spoke with one employee of the casino the following day who told me in strict confidence that he had never seen anyone win a dime in that game. He said, if they found out that he told me he would be in big trouble.

He was a local who said he had seen countless people do exactly the same thing. This guy had incredible courage to tell me this. I bumped into him the next day on the street and I wish I could thank him. The main reason I'm posting this is that others won't be victimized as I was. I am going to send this to many people and post it on as many sites as I can find.

I am also going to spread the word about the local "laws" in the Dominican and discourage as many would be travelers as possible. I am also sending this to the Minister of Tourism. If you, or anyone you know has been scammed in the Dominican Republic, please respond to this e-mail.

There is strength in numbers. I will respond to every posting or e-mail and keep you informed of my progress. Jim Hinsch Guest. I don't get it. What makes this game a scam? In what way were you cheated?

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