2024 Bodog player complains about promotion

Further online research that shows Bodog cheats

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With its convenience, wide selection of sports, competitive odds, exciting promotions, top-notch security, and interactive community, matrimonia-mariage.fr I have an account there but am reading where they are stiffing another site out of advertsing money. Could this be a bad sign for us players?

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Looking at tournament #, it clearly says that it requires a minimum of 4 players to run. Sorry that you failed to take this into. matrimonia-mariage.fr › › Online Poker Sites. Basically what they're saying is don't expect to get offered bonuses if you're a winning player. Losing players will frequently get deposit. I do apologize for any frustration regarding the previous cashback rewards program. During that promotion, those rewards would have been calculated from the. matrimonia-mariage.fr customers have been unable to access the online gambling website for the past 12 hours as the result of a domain problem. Bodog is quite aware of.

Bodog player complains about promotion

Bodog Poker Promotions

Bodog is a well established name in the gambling business. The company opened Bodog Poker in to much fanfare. It has become one of the most popular online poker rooms available on the Internet. Bodog Poker uses a wide variety of promotions and bonuses to attract new players and reward old ones. These bonuses and promotions give players extra cash to bet with. Bodog Poker is always coming up with new promotions, so you will want to keep an eye on the promotions calendar.

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Bodog Poker First Time Deposit Bonus

LicencaCuracao (6079/ C 3577-8330)
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Firstly I love your sportsbook. How do i start? I did check my offers every day. I am not complaining and as i said above i think it is a technical issue on your part. This can take approximately hours. Same thing happened to me too. Bonus program and rewards have completely disappeared. Guess were not VIP customers anymore. Time for a new book. I do apologize for any frustration regarding the previous cashback rewards program.

During that promotion, those rewards would have been calculated from the time of the last cashback bonus being issued. Please send us a PM should you wish for us to review any previous timeframes and further discuss your transactions history. It looks like bodog departments do not communicate with each other in sink. Maybe for the new book that just popped up is Ok.

You guys claim to be professionals. Just because of that i had not made a deposit and i have no intention to do one in the near future. It was not at all intended to create any frustration vitalyo and we can understand the concern regarding this. This happens to me every single time as well. Bonus is nowhere to be found in my account. Hey Bodog, I received a notification that a bonus was placed into my account as compensation for the recent outage, but no bonus has actually been applied?

I would hope there is some compensation because of all the lost opportunities the past 2 days! I have the same issue. Everytime I received an email saying I have a bonus, I see nothing. Just like today. KLas6ix Rsamuels they should be added now. Ok I see the balance has changed now, thanks. How was the amount determined? All players get the same or based on play over a certain amount of time?

Makes sense, will the formula for determining the bonus structure be shared with us? Appreciate the quick responses, thanks in advance. I like most have been checking back with the site over the last 24 hours attempting to use it, only to constantly be told it is still down for regular maintenance. I understand issues arise unplanned sometimes, and was gracious about the email I received this morning about the bonus funds to show appreciation.

I logged into my account only to find no such bonus and no said bonus funds in my account. Is there also a delay with this, or was the email just to calm the waters. Bodog bonus issue Off-Topic.

So what is the exclusive offer to say thank you to me? Any way cheers and Happy Holidays. We wish you the very best for the holidays also, thank you! Hi Matty, I have the same issue. Where can you find the bonus that was supposed to be in my account? Tymi its been added for you now. Hey Matty, no bonus in my account either.

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